What Have I Done to Myself?
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Dr. Craig's Blog

What Have I Done to Myself?

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we have to admit we are out of balance as a society.  We eat the bad foods, then wonder why we get sick or gain weight and have little energy.  We preach peace and freedom yet we war without provocation.  We say there isn't enough time in the day, yet we repeatedly fill our schedules with voluntary activities and events.  We feel we are tired but do not rest.   We continue to spend our money without setting a baseline with a budget.  We say we are out of shape yet we don't get off the couch or desk chair and set aside time to build endurance.  We feel we are over-worked, and over-stressed but we don't invest in the time to balance that extreme with stress-relief activities like Qi Gong, Meditation, or just simple deep-breathing.  What are we doing to ourselves? Why don't we make the changes that our bodies tell us we need? What's it gonna take to make a change?  Have we lost our identity as a human being?  Let's explore...

Education is key, and we don't have an excuse to not be informed any longer....   Practically everyone has access to information.  It's not like the old days when we relied on the more "educated" professionals like the media, doctors, lawyers, and the like for an "expert" opinion.  The internet and unlimited access to information and education has changed all that.  We've reached a level in our existence that REQUIRES us to take the initiative to be involved in our own well-being.  A well-informed, educated person will typically make the better choice, ask more questions, get more answers, and be better equipped to manage their lives no matter the issue.  Even if we seek advice from a professional, we should have well-informed questions regarding our situation.

Minimize pitfalls and obstacles that keep you from obtaining a balanced life.  In other words, simplify.  We talk about being surrounded by technology, yet we can't put our cell phones down to take a walk.  We talk about the TV shows or commercials affecting the minds of our kids and ourselves, yet we don't turn if off and open a book.  As a parent, we worry about our kids getting bored.....but don't realize that this is the opportunity for creativity that may be missing.  Remember, time is the only TRUE currency, spend it well my friends.  Besides, rest is an activity too ;)

Even Yoda says, "unlearn what you have learned".   There is wisdom in that statement.  We humans tend to get caught up in tradition because it's comfortable or "it's what we've always done", even if it is counter-intuitive.  Whether it be family tradition in regards to lifestyle or diet, or learned behavior from school or societal pressures and the like, or simple habits taken on through the years out of convenience, these are the traps we fall into.  Have you ever heard this......, "well my father ate this or did this and he lived to be the ripe old age of ............"   We get caught up in the acceptance of the "norm", not realizing or "remembering" that we are built differently than everyone else, even in our heredity.  Keep in mind our genetic make-up does determine the cards we hold, but just as in Texas Holdem, we can choose to play a card or not play a card.....  In other words, we can change our genetic expression if given a different set of tools or stimuli than our predecessors.  We can eat a different diet so that we don't get heart disease or arthritis, we can learn from witnessing specific lifestyles and make adjustments to match our knowledge for the better way, and we can have a different perspective on situations that tend to repeat themselves generationally.   Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves right?   Sure, some things have happened that I've had to remedy or come to terms with, forgive, forget, or just accept, but the question remains, what did I do with that information and how did I use the tools I have now to do something about it? 

There in lies the rub.....

This week and in following posts, I will provide some tools and information to help us get our mojo back.  Tools and information that can help us regain balance in our lives.   Time honored traditions that have worked for many for generations and even millennia.  Don't be afraid of change, it's inevitable and you can't control it no matter how hard you try.  Holding your breath hoping that someone else makes the change for you won't help either.  Change can be uncomfortable during the process, but if your heart tells you to do it, then do it.....  More to come.

Until next time,
Dr. Craig
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