Are You Allergic to GMO? Take the Test!
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Dr. Craig's Blog

Are You Allergic to GMO? Take the Test!

Are you allergic to GMO? Take the test!
Tuesday, August 05, 2014 by: S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) First things first, write down a short paragraph describing how you feel and how many items you consumed in the last 24 hours that were GMO. The way to do this is to scan the barcode of the food with the FREE phone app "Fooducate," and then you will know within seconds. Then write down every food item, including drinks, that you consumed that were NOT GMO and see what your ratio is for NON-GMO vs. GMO. It may look something like 15 to 5 or maybe even 25 to 10 if you consume a large variety of foods. Take into account that all ingredients count, so you may actually end up with a ratio of 60 to 30. Be thorough. You can also look up your products on if you don't have the product handy.

For instance, you could simply search "corn chips" in the search box on "Fooducate" and you will get a list of all the common chips. Then you click on the one that you've been eating and find out if it has MSG and GMOs. Here is the result of a "corn chip" search . Use this site frequently to be your own food investigator!

Now, listen carefully, because you will want to appreciate how you feel seven days from now, after you've taken the GMO-allergy test, and that feeling will not be able to be described with words. Rather, just be the judge yourself, and see how many health problems disappear.

Are you allergic to GMO? Take the Test
Step one.
Entirely remove corn, soy, canola and gluten
from your daily intake for seven days. This means all byproducts of corn, soy and canola. Now, also remove MSG, monosodium glutamate, and all of it's "cousins" for seven days.

Then, remove all artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup from all consumption. No aspartame, sucralose or sorbitol whatsoever. Remove refined, irradiated sugars and salts. Eat sea salt instead and organic honey. Do not eat corn syrup of any kind. If it doesn't say organic, then, "OMG it's GMO!"

Finally, eliminate anything that you put on your skin that you can't eat. Do this for seven days. Most personal care products and cosmetics contain GMO ingredients if they are not organic, because the regulatory agencies have no checks and balances. There are toxins in typical personal care products that cause severe allergies! Parabens, petroleum and its derivatives, and phthalates can be carcinogenic and affect health, behavior and reproductive systems. Chemicals like bleach and heavy metal toxins like aluminum are in hundreds of products.

GMOs in food, drinks and personal care products. Genetically modified organisms persist in fruits and vegetables, vaccines, tap water, pharmaceuticals and in hospitals. Superpests infesting crops are a "byproduct" of this unethical tampering with the genes of food and splicing their DNA with pesticide. Are you depressed, anxious, nervous or sad? Maybe you're eating too much herbicide and insecticide! These are all allergic reactions to consuming what kills insects, plants and animals.

Did you know that, if you get RoundUp weedkiller on your hands, you're supposed to wash them for 15 to 20 minutes?! So what should humans do who eat it? Should everyone who eats RoundUp Ready crops induce vomiting for 15 to 20 minutes after consuming this weedkiller concoction that you should never even get on your hands? Diagnoses of fibromyalgia, eczema and sinusitis could be allergies to weed and bug killer. Are you allergic to Bt corn? You're about to find out. Are you allergic to soy and cottonseed oil? You're about to find out.

Will your recurring headaches magically be gone a week from today? Will your irregular bowel movements become regular? Stop growing PESTICIDE in your gut and see how many allergies and health problems disappear this week. It's time to make that change.

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