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Appointment Types


Private Consultation

A comprehensive New Patient assessment of your health profile and individualized treatment catered to your needs. We spend extra time to get to the root of your imbalance through discussion, examination, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and observation. Our acupuncturists choose a treatment strategy considering every facet of your current situation, diet, lifestyle, personal and professional relationships, and family health history. This appointment is designed for more complex health challenges such as Fertility, GI Issues, Migraines, severe pain, etc. or when you have multiple health challenges we need to address. The consultation and treatment are done in a private room.
$90 for ALL new patients, includes first acupuncture treatment / 60 minutes

Acupuncture Fertility Consultation

A comprehensive New Patient Acupuncture Consultation focused on Fertility Health Challenges for both Female and Male patients. An in-depth discussion with Fertility Specialist Dr. Craig Thomas on your health history, not only involving fertility, but overall health as well. Let Dr. Craig guide you through the treatment plan whether along side your IUI/IVF protocol set by your Fertility clinic or if you are choosing the "natural" approach to your fertility health.

$120 / includes first acupuncture treatment / 90 minutes duration

Community Acupuncture

(Group Setting)

A relaxed, group acupuncture treatment in a large comfortable space where you can balance your mind, body and spirit while not breaking the bank. We move a little quicker through this type of appointment, not allowing for extensive discussion. This is a great treatment setting for those who are on a maintenance program, managing chronic pain or stress, or just need a good acupuncture treatment when on a budget. 
Sliding Scale -

$20 to $50 / 45-60 minutes
(The patient decides how much and only pays what they can afford within scale.)

Shonihari Pediatric (Non-Insertive) Acupuncture

Pediatric Acupuncture, "Shoni-hari", is done entirely non-insertive utilizing very specialized tools that are lightly brushed or “scratched” over the surface of the skin along meridian pathways to create change and balance in the flow of the Qi energy channels. Taishi Shoni-hari treatments can be used in children from newborn through around 12 years of age. Children's treatment times are generally shorter in duration than an adult treatment. Total treatment times are 5-15 minutes. Conditions often treated in children include but are not limited to: · Sleep issues · Headaches · Abdominal pains · ADD/ADHD · Asthma · Coughing · Anxiety · Weak immune system – tend to catch colds easily · Constipation or Loose stools/diarrhea
$45 / Treatment / 15 minutes

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Cupping/Gua Sha Add-On

Add-On to your Private or Community Acupuncture Treatment

(May add to your total treatment time)


Community Consultation

A quick and to the point (pun intended!) New Patient consultation designed for less complex health challenges, such as mild to moderate chronic pain, headaches, stress, etc. We don't go into the full body assessment, diet, or family health history to the extent like we do in the Private Consultation. The brief consultation and your first full acupuncture treatment may be done in our Community Acupuncture room. A little less conversation, a little more action!
$50 for ALL new patients, includes first acupuncture treatment / 60 minutes

Private Acupuncture

(Private Room)

Personalized acupuncture treatment based on your current health profile and comprehensive diagnosis in a calm, compassionate, and respectful setting. We listen to you, while taking time to make sure you understand and talk about your treatment strategy. A private acupuncture treatment allows time for you to get all your questions answered while giving you the serenity of a private room.
$75/Treatment / 60 minutes

Veteran Acupuncture

Veteran acupuncture focuses on the needs of our veterans, whether aches and pains in the mind, body, or spirit, we will address each imbalance with a calm approach and understanding of your unique situation and experiences. Your service to our country is greatly appreciated and we will do everything we can to help you to feel balanced and grounded. Acupuncture works great to calm the mind, clear the head, and remedy any injuries you may have incurred during your military service.
Sliding Scale -

$20 to $50 / 45-60 minutes
(Veteran pricing is always the sliding scale, even the first appointment)

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Cupping/Gua Sha/Tui-Na


$50/Session / 25 minutes
(Gratuity not included)

Checks, Cash, and Debit/Credit Cards accepted.
Credit/Debit Card processing fees apply.
Payment due when services are rendered.

  Health Savings Accounts/Flex Cards through your insurance will often cover Acupuncture.  Basic insurance coverage varies, check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.  We do not file insurance in clinic at this time.  Patients will be responsible for any and all fees associated with your treatments regardless of insurance coverage.

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