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How often should I receive Acupuncture?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are beneficial in both acute and chronic health challenges. When we have health care needs, we need help so we seek out the best advice and medical treatment for our individual situation. Acupuncture as a medical discipline, similar to other medicines, can have varying levels of education and expertise or specialties.

Acupuncture treatment in our clinic begins with a detailed consultation and first treatment in an appointment that usually requires about 90 minutes total duration. In your first appointment, a treatment strategy is developed to facilitate recovery into balanced health. The time it takes, number of appointments, techniques used for your individual health challenge varies depending on your situation. For instance, menstrual irregularities in women often require weekly treatment through a minimum of three consecutive monthly cycles where acupuncture is performed, herbs and supplements may be prescribed, and diet and lifestyle are addressed.

Acupuncturists evaluate imbalance individually, and your diagnosis is solely based on what your mind, body, and spirit tells us in the consultation. Once we achieve our goals for your acute treatment plan, a maintenance treatment rhythm is set for helping to maintain the progress we have made in your acute treatment plan. We are all born into this world with strengths and weaknesses genetically, and energetically, of which is in our best interest to recognize and adapt. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a very old and wise medical practice, and one of its strengths is in understanding patterns of imbalance and tendencies based on the patterns we see in you. Let Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine help you achieve all your health and wellness goals! Book an appointment on our website, ! We look forward to serving you!

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