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Our Mission

Updated: Jan 12

As an Acupuncture clinic in this day and age, in America, there can be challenges to providing Accessible, Affordable, Acupuncture to people while operating a small business. At Tallahassee Chinese Medicine and Community Acupuncture, we make it our mission to help make acupuncture accessible to the most economically diverse of our local population. Most acupuncture clinics in the U.S. operate as a one patient per hour, or rotating 2 rooms per acupuncturist, type of clinic model, of which requires a higher fee per service. With rent prices unpredictable, and seemingly ever rising, and inflation in 2023 is real, it is squeezing the Qi out of our small business budgets! This is in the context of understanding most acupuncture clinics do not accept insurance and are often a fee per service cash business. This requires the small business to charge for services per their local inflation rate, or get creative in their business structure model, which usually compromises the budget to some degree.

Tallahassee Chinese Medicine and Community Acupuncture has a mission to elevate Traditional Chinese Medicine to a first-choice medicine and provide excellent acupuncture health care to as many people who need it. This is why we offer a hybrid practice model, which opens the door to many who otherwise may not be able. Private, one on one, acupuncture treatments as well as Community, large room, many treatment stations, acupuncture are on our service menu for our patients to choose. We also offer two "levels" of first-time, new patient appointments, a Private Consultation ($90), which is for more complex health situations, and a Community Consultation ($45), which is a brief, scaled down version of the Private Consult. The Community Consultation is for straightforward health challenges like stress, joint pain, or Low Back Pain. Having the hybrid model opens the door for so many more people in our community. The sliding scale fee for the Community Acupuncture treatments of $15-$45 allows the patient to choose any amount within the scale to spend for their treatments. I hear so many times from patients commenting they couldn't have afforded to get care without it! This is our mission, this is why we do it, for the patients, and for the amazing idea that medicine should be accessible to all who need it.

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